Thanks for viewing our site. Selecting the right builder is paramount to the success of completing your home.  When you begin the process of selecting your builder, there are many issues to consider:

Is this builder financially sound?

In these tough economic times, making sure you choose a builder who pays their suppliers and tradesmen on time is imperative. Sadly, many builders “rob Peter to pay Paul”. They pay what they owe on the last job with funds from the next start. With the building slowdown, it’s like a high stakes game of musical chairs and you don’t want to be the last one standing! When it comes to paying our bills, our reputation is impeccable! I take great pride in the long term business relationships I have established with each & every supplier and tradesmen.

Is this builder reliable? Will my home be completed on a timely basis?

Some builders may tell you what you want to hear just to get the contract, and then your home just seems to languish forever. I am proud that we complete our homes within the timeline we tell you. In fact, many homes are finished ahead of schedule!

Does this builder build quality homes?

When I chose the name Integrity Builders, it meant more to me than just a name. Integrity is the driving force behind everything we do. It defines who we are. It is “living up to our name” that directs how we treat our customers, employees, and suppliers. It is the benchmark for the way we build our homes, and most importantly, how we live our lives.

How does this builder price his homes?

Many builders choose to work on a “cost plus” basis which simply means their profit is calculated as a percentage of the total cost of materials and labor. They typically will give you an estimate of what they think the house will run without a guarantee of the total figure. If they miscalculate the estimate, you pay the difference plus their percentage! Integrity Builders doesn’t do this. We’ll give you a fixed bid contract to build your home…period. The only items subject to change are allowance items such as lighting, appliances, etc. Even then, we’ll sit down with you to set your allowances so they meet your level of expectations. At completion, no one wants a huge overage!

Am I compatible with and can I communicate with this builder?

This aspect is a huge consideration. You and your builder are “joined at the hip” for several months so you really need a builder with whom you can communicate. I keep my clients informed of the weekly progress through face to face visits, phone calls, and/or emails. For clients living out of town, I send pictures weekly. So many of my clients have expressed how much fun their building experience was, and I can honestly say we have maintained good relationships with practically every client for whom we have built their home. In fact, many have become good friends!

Can this builder help me with the design and placement of the home?

With most builders, you’ll first have to have plans drawn. Although many clients utilize an outside designer, we do offer free in-house design services as long as we build the home, and many have found our services a perfect fit.

In closing, I would ask that when you get ready to build, please consider Integrity Builders. I would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and help guide you to realizing your dream home.


Brad LeCroy